I'm a Victorian throwback gathering oddities for my personal "cabinets of curiosity."  Instead of prowling exotic lands in search of treasures for personal display, I excavate what has been left on the flea market tables and garage sale blankets of the world.

I express my curiosity for the unusual through my art.  The collector in me sees potential in a shape and form without regard to purpose.  I collect the un-curious and recreate it.  I saw, paint, drill, alter and restore my gatherings, creating assemblages that become visual narratives for like-minded travelers.

My paintings consist of layered beeswax and pigment, known as encaustic.  I choose to use this ancient medium because of it's durability and luminosity. There is something mysterious and seductive about the result; hidden messages, text, half revealed drawings and mathematical anomalies are secreted into the paintings that I create. Although abstract, most of my work has a story to tell.